The print service we offer allows to print up to 8 colors and in every type of film, plastic or paper, even polyethylene. It also allows 7+1 or 6+2, in these cases reversible, for laquer or barnish.

Printing can be done interior for complex films or exterior for monolayer films, additionaly we can add a matt lacquer 100% or under register.

The system is gravure printing, world renowned for being the industrial technology with the best image definition and quality finishes.

IFLEX has 3 presses of 8 bodies, with a width of 840mm and last generation tecnology and with individual engines BoshRexRoth, gearless system and shaftless. With these we acomplish a fast speed changing orders and high precission in the register.

The forth press has 2 bodies and is specialized in aluminum printing and reprinting, with a with of 600mm. It's installed in a "white" room ISO 8 together with a cutting machine so the material is perfectly conditioned