Quality and Innovation

According to ISO 9001: 2015 and with the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies we have created a solid quality procedures that are applied throughout the production chain, whatever sector is our customer from, giving reliablility to our supplies

We have the Sanitary Registry of Industries and Food Products (RGSA): 39.04686 / GE

All phases of production have quality controls to ensure product conformity.

The controls and product analysis are performed in the internal laboratory instruments and by qualified personnel.

The implementation of the new European Standard BRC-IOP, certification granted in November 2016, is a stepping stone in our path to excelence.

This certification internationally recognized, ensures that IFLEX features a robust and effective alimentary security system.

In a highly competitive flexible packaging sector, differentiated positioning and the pursuit of total customer satisfaction are core elements of survival.

That is why the company considers strategic work in two areas of innovation:

  • New product development and adaptation of industrial helpful. One example is the Mix-Flex complex, which for months of analysis and testing clients has been approved.

  • Development of non-industrial tools to increase customer satisfaction. One example is the interactive web project that allows customers online access to autonomous status of their orders.