In IFLEX we provide shrink sleeves for packaging decoration or for its inviolability (easy-open), with the following materials:

  • Retractable PVC from 50 to 65% with thickness from 40 to 75μ, the standar being 45µ.
  • Retractable PET 50 to 75% with thicknesses 40 to 75μ, the standar being 45µ.

They can be neutral (without printing) or printed up to 8 colors with varnishes, matt, glossy, ultraviolet, etc. On front and back.

The formation of the tube and the revision of it is carried out in the recognized DCM machines.


IFLEX also manufactures wrap labels printed in BOPP (white or transparent) for bottles (water, dairy, detergent, etc.).

Both the sleeves and the labels can be used for customers with automatic packaging machines (we deliver in coil) or semi-automatic packaging machines (we deliver in a pre-cut format).