Flexible packaging

 IMPRESION DE FLEXIBLES devotes much of its production to the manufacture of flexible packaging and especially that led to the food sector. All film manufactured by IF is suitable to contact with food, either in structures of one, two or three laminated layers solventless.

Applications in the world of packaging are many, by packaging both liquids and solids in vertical or horizontal packing. In sachets formats, pillow bags, doypack, ...

The film can be anonymous (without printing) or gravure printed up to 8 colors and in the most common laminate we can offer:

  • Complete bi-layer PET+PE or OPA+PE with or without barrier (PVDC, EVOH, ...)
  • Complex tri-layer aluminum foil or metallized PET or OPP
  • Complete OPP + OPP transparent, matte or metallic or OPP+CPP or OPP+PE.
  • Complex coated Paper / Aluminum / PE.
  • Complex MIXFLEX (top of yogurt) with Paper / PET / Sealable lacquer to PS or PP
  • Other complex on request