The origin of IMPRESION DE FLEXIBLES is TECNOLOGIA GRAFICA SA (TECNOGRAF) which was founded in 1986 by brothers Puig has been a leader in the Spanish market of Graphic Arts.

Its original activity, the rotocylinder engraving, has given excellent service for over 25 years in the major national and international Printing companies.

In 1998, the creation of IMPRESION DE FARMACIA allowed to expand the activity to print complex film and aluminum for the pharmaceutical industry, a sector with strict quality requirements that the company was able to obtain from its inception. The construction of a clean room with controlled atmosphere according to standard ISO8 for printing and handling aluminum adapted the facilities to the quality standards of the major pharmaceutical companies.

In 2006, IMPRESION DE FARMACIA became IMPRESION DE FLEXIBLES, because with the addition of new assets is strongly expanded the range of products manufactured, now directed not only to the pharmaceutical industry but also the food and cosmetic industries, and basically all company who needs of flexible packaging, preformed bag, sleeves or labels.